Here are the Beauty Products I Use to Get Ready for a Night Out

Blogger Krista Perez from Sugar Love Chic shares her #StarStyleBabbleBoxx

Today’s post is inspired by this award show season and the total glam that graces the red carpets during it. While I love gawking the beautiful gowns and jewels the starlets wear on the red carpet, another aspect I love paying attention to is their skin and beauty looks. So many of these red carpet pros have gorgeous glowing skin and their beauty choices are amazing.

You know that feeling right before you head out to a night on the town (or if you’re lucky enough, a red carpet event!) and you’ve got your beauty and skincare routine perfected, so you know you look A+. Well, here are the beauty products I use to get ready for a night out. And if someone happens to invite me to walk a red carpet, I would use them too! πŸ˜‰ Continue Reading

The Best Home Decor Statement Pieces

Blogger Krista Perez from Sugar Love Chic shares the best home decor statement pieces

I believe incorporating statement pieces in our homes is practically essential. They offer us a chance to express ourselves and our unique tastes. EvenΒ if you’re someone who’s home style is to commit to one particular trend or vibe, you can always add in a statement piece that shows off personality. My personal home style is an eclectic mix of 2-3 vibes, so to be honest, I’d make every piece in my home a statement piece…that’s just my particular style. In fact, as I write this I’m looking around my place and noticing every piece of furniture and most decor items pack quite the punch. Pretty cool!

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Here’s Why I’m loving the Raw Hem Jean Trend

Here's Why I'm loving the Raw Hem Jean Trend

The raw hem jean trend is just another reason to wear an awesome pair of jeans. If you haven’t already noticed, I love me some denim jeans. And I love when there are new trends that add an interesting detail to a pair. So fun!


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Here’s Where to Buy Beautiful and Affordable Art for Your Home

Here's Where to Buy Beautiful and Affordable Art for Your Home

Although I tend to spend a little more on my wall art when it comes to paintings and canvasΒ prints, I still like to budget myself. I do this especially since I like to change things up every so often with my decor and I think a great way of doing that is by interchanging wall art. However, if a piece really resonates with me I do end up switching it up throughout my place instead of just taking it down all together. And for those pieces I do take down, I don’t get rid of them-at least not most of them. Since I tend to purchase pieces that are less trendy and more for the reason that it truly echoes my style, I am usually able to decorate again with it, brining on a brand new perspective and aesthetic.

Below are online shops that I’ve used to findΒ art throughout the years that won’t break the bank, while each piece remains unique and not cookie-cutter.

Here’s Where to Buy Beautiful and Affordable Art for Your Home







Any specific online places you love to shop for wall art?

Weekend Outfit with an Embroidered Jacket

Fashion blogger wears embroidered satin jacket

Another post, another embroidered piece I’m loving. This time it’s this embroidered satin jacket. Embroidered jackets would make a great investment piece, as they’re so versatile to top off any outfit. However, you can find them at such great prices like the ones below, there’s no splurge!


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How to Style an Embroidered Button Down Shirt

How to Style an Embroidered Button Down Shirt

I’ve always been a fan of embroidery on any wardrobe piece, but especially on a simple button down.Β The feminine detail elevates theΒ already versatile piece, making a perfect top to wear all year long.


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