Guinness Beer Float Recipe


Beer Floats 014Leave the pretty striping drips down the glass.Beer Floats 017Beer Floats 055Or mix it all up for that classic float look.Beer Floats 060I workout everyday, I drink almost two gallons of water a day and I eat one raw meal a day. Will I ever give up my beer? HECK no. I’d like to say I do all of the above, so that I can indulge happily and guilt freely. And beer is one of my favorite indulgences. So the other day I bought a big ole bottle of Guinness Draught and while I love dark beer enough to drink it straight, I wanted to make a little something special with this bad boy. Behold, this Guinness beer float recipe.

Growing up I was actually never a fan of root beer floats, I wish I can say I was just a float snob and was waiting to be of age to try the real deal. But in actuality, I just respect ice cream so much, I wouldn’t dare add anything to it. (so does that make me an ice cream snob?) That’s what I love about these floats, there is no ice cream in them. Instead, I used condensed milk to sweeten it up and added a dollop of whipped cream on top. Guys, so good. For these dwindling days of Summer, I would so recommend making this for a weekend afternoon on the porch.Beer Floats 006

Happy Saturday and hope your weekend is swell!


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