DIY Fall Picnic Setup

DIY PROJECTS 171 DIY PROJECTS 139 DIY PROJECTS 142 DIY PROJECTS 148 DIY PROJECTS 159What better way to welcome Fall than a latte picnic? In my book, a morning or evening with friends sipping warm lattes and enjoying each other’s company sounds like the perfect Fall day.

Four things to ensure your pretty little picnic is delicious and Fall inspired:

  1. Big latte cups. Bigger latte cups are more comfortable to drink from while sitting on a blanket or cushions. You can pour a good amount of drink into them, without filling to the brim so they won’t spill.
  2. Donut Kabobs. No needs to get your hand all sticky covered in powdered sugar. Grab a stick and enjoy three yummy flavors!
  3. Spoon stirrers. Want to add a delicious touch to your latte? Cover spoons in melted dark chocolate then sprinkle toffee bits on top to give your drink that added pizzazz.
  4. Fresh flowers! No picnic is complete without them.


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