Unique Ways to Style Art in Your Home

As I’ve been receiving so many emails lately on showing more of my home style, today I’m giving you a peek at some new decor that I am just in love with.

I am so excited to add some #mintedart to my home collection! Minted.com is a mecca for those who love creative design and home decor. Today I’m featuring their beautifully sourced art from independent artists, by sharing unique ways to style art in your home aside from on your walls. If you’re renting a house or apartment, it can be tricky (sometimes not even allowed) to make holes in the walls and hang anything on them. Even those who own homes, but love to re-arrange (me!) are sometimes hesitant to add even the smallest holes to their walls.

The first way to incorporate art, aside from the walls, add it to your table tops! A great tabletop to choose would be an entrance table by your door, it’s the first thing most guests will see when entering your home and will immediately set a decorative vibe for your space.


Another tabletop choice could be your bedroom dresser, like I have done below. I love that Minted gives you the option to choose a perfectly sized frame with your art at the time of purchase, it makes the home style process so much more convenient, since searching around for the perfect frame can be such a mission sometimes!

I went with this beautiful copper metal frame that compliments the urban photo so well; my fiance and I are in love with this piece!#mintedartThe second way to style art in your home, minus wall space, is your bar cart!#mintedartHow cute does this little cactus photo art look on my bar cart? I love it! It adds the perfect touch of design with the beautiful glass bottles and metal accents.#mintedart

So give your tabletops and barcarts a fresh look by adding some gorgeous framed art to them.

Here are some #mintedart pieces I’m crushing on:

Do you have any home style ideas when it comes to art? I would love to hear!


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