What’s In My Purse? Featuring Beauty Tonics

Today I’m giving you a peak inside the usual contents of my purse, plus a new product I’ve added to the bunch. I have the common girly goods like bobby pins, gum and a handy pen. Also, lipgloss…duh. I’ve been into Too Faced Melted lately. It’s like a lipgloss and lipstick in one, which is great for a day on-the-go. Maybe a little less ordinary, are the headphones. I can’t tell you how many times having a set of earbuds in my purse has come in handy! With my job, I’m plugged in 24/7. Many of the times watching videos is something I catch myself having to while do out and about.What's In My Purse?Something I started doing lately is carrying with me the lotion to whichever perfume I’m wearing. That may sound so trivial and very “duh”…but I have gained an appreciation for matching perfectly the scent I’m wearing when I reach for my lotion in my purse. By the way, I’m OBSESSED with Decadent by Marc Jacobs.¬†For every occasion my dad is the one who gives me a perfume and this past Christmas he gifted me this scent. I’m so picky with perfumes and he is the only one I trust to get me ones I love. #daddysgirlWhat's In My Purse?Now, let’s move on to the newest addition to not only the contents of my purse, but my diet too! I am always pretty hesitant with it comes to dietary supplements, unsure about their true benefits. However, when Beauty Tonics reached out to me with their Slim Tonic supplement I was pretty excited to try it and share it with you. Besides their adorably packaged bottle, I took a look at the ingredients and was really pleased with the all-natural list of them.What's In My Purse?I like when I look at ingredients and actually know what they all are, it gives me confidence in adding a supplement to my diet. Beauty Tonics has ingredients like Grapefruit Powder, Green Tea Leaf Extract and Grape Seed Extract.

Here is a look into their one month nutrition plan that you can follow while enjoying Beauty Tonics.What's In My Purse?I just started on the supplement so I can’t tell you any details on that yet, but I will be sharing my thoughts along the way on my snapchat: @mskristaperez, so be sure to follow along!What's In My Purse?

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[disclaim]This post was sponsored by Beauty Tonics. All opinions and thoughts are my own.[/disclaim]


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