Gift Tips: Valentine’s Day Wine Gift


If there is one thing that doesn’t need a holiday to be given as a gift, it’s wine. Am I right? However, Valentine’s Day always seems like a wonderful opportunity to share a yummy wine with someone. With girlfriends, coworkers-anyone you want to make feel a special…or drunk.

Which sometimes are the same thing.

Today I’m sharing a few wines that seem to have been made specifically for the holiday with cheeky and love-inspired names. I’m also showing a couple of tips on wrapping and presenting wine as Valentine’s day gifts! VALENTINE'S WINES Aren’t these wines adorable? From the names of them to the design, I love it all. They’ll make the perfect addition to someone’s bar cart or bar, before they pop that sucker open and drink it! I have personally tried all of these wines, with my favorite being the Handsome Devil Malbec. There is also a Handsome Devil red blend which I love even more. You can find the majority of these wines at Target. Valentine's Day Gift Wrapping Gifting wine doesn’t have to be complicated and doesn’t always need to involve a store bought “wine gift bag”. I wrapped the neck of this bottle with pretty ribbon and attached an adorable cupcake-filled chocolate bar to it with a sparkly gold clothespin. Viola! Valentine's Day Gift Wrapping

Simple, cute and cost me no more than $4.

Valentine's Day Gift Wrapping

For a more masculine wrapping, I gave the famed shamed brown paper bag a V-Day twist. Cut a piece of brown wrapping paper/craft paper and tie it with a ribbon. Then attached a few chocolates that are complementary to the wine at the top. Keep the writing on the bag simple or write a poem about how your love for that person is almost how much you love wine. Kidding! Of course you love that persons more than wine……..or maybe it’s a tie.

Valentine's Day Gift Wrapping

There you have it! Some simple, but noteworthy tips for this Valentine’s Day. Cheers!

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