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I’ve been engaged for almost 2 1/2 years now (I know!) and there are a few things I had to learn on my own about my new bling. Where to keep it, how to travel with it and how to clean it. Seems simple, but once you have yourself a precious piece like an engagement ring, you really don’t want to mess up with these things. So, I’ve gathered a few tips and products to share with you today that have helped me keep my ring safe and shiny!

Firstly, where to keep your engagement ring. I misplace everything. I’ve even “misplaced” glasses that are on my head and an iPhone that was in my pocket-I’m just not good with those things. However, I have never had that heart-dropping feeling of “where the heck did I put my ring?” these past two years, because every single evening I place my ring in the same exact spot. Ring dishes aren’t just a great purchase for their cute factor, but they are so practical. I also never ever put anything else in my engagement ring dish. It’s sole purpose is to protect my precious. (Smeagol would be proud #LordOfTheRingsNerd).

Here are some adorable options for yourself or as a gift!

Next up, engagement ring cleaning. My fiancé purchased my ring at a brand-name retailer and with insurance, so I can take my ring in every 3 months to get a free professional cleaning. However, between visits to the beach/pool, cleaning dishes and applying cream-I love a little freshening up between those three month cleanings. I personally love the Connoisseurs Jewelry Cleaner, but have heard amazing things about the Baublerella Bling Brush. Just check out it’s reviews, all 5 stars.

Lastly, traveling with your engagement ring. Although I’d think the majority of women wear their ring throughout their traveling, there are always instances when you’re somewhere other than your home and you want to put away your ring. Maybe your ring is on the flashier side and you rather not wear it everyday on vacation in a foreign place or maybe you’re heading out to the beach and are afraid to lose it (aka me. Biggest fear.). Below are some great products to use to put your engagement ring that are safe and inconspicuous. With these products you can place it all by itself in a subtle case or along with your other jewelry in a safe case /bag to call less attention to it. I’m loving the Jewelry Snug bag for all of my jewelry. What an amazing concept! There’s nothing more annoying than all of your necklaces and bracelets getting all tangled together.


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