An Emotional Rollercoaster featuring Puffs Plus Lotion at Sams Club

As my regular SLC readers know, I’ve been wedding planning for quite some time now. Actually, my wedding is right around the corner. (crazy!) Being the emotional person I am, I knew each step of my wedding planning journey was going to be full of tears of joy and excitement. So today I’m sharing my emotional rollercoaster of wedding planning featuring Puffs Plus Lotion, which you can now buy in a 10-pack at Sam’s Club! You may be wondering why I am so excited about this, let me take you through a snippet of my wedding planning journey-then you’ll understand.

An Emotional Rollercoaster featuring Puffs Plus Lotion at Sams ClubAn Emotional Rollercoaster featuring Puffs Plus Lotion at Sams ClubAn Emotional Rollercoaster featuring Puffs Plus Lotion at Sams Club

  1. Finding your perfect wedding venue. Cue the waterworks.
  2. Celebrating your engagement at your engagement party with your closest family and friends. “OMG I love you!…sniff sniff…I’m so happy to celebrate with you…sniff sniff….we’re so excited for your wedding…sniff sniff…” Tons of fun and dancing, but also quite a few sniffles at the excitement and thrill of becoming engaged!
  3. Finding your dream dress. IS THIS REAL LIFE. Then tears of complete and overwhelming joy.
  4. Every other moment of the wedding planning journey where you stop and think “I can’t believe I’m marrying the love of my life and I’m going to celebrate with the people in my life I love the most.” More and more happy tears.

Now do you get it? These last months have been a rollercoaster of emotions and if it wasn’t for Puffs Plus Lotion, my poor little nose and my eyes would have felt the brunt of it. Another thing you know if you’ve hung around this blog long enough, is that my skin is extremely sensitive and I’m always trying to find products that don’t irritate it. So the fact that each Puffs Plus Lotion Tissue has a touch of shea butter, aloe and vitamin E is AMAZING.

When I knew I was going to be facing a wonderfully emotional situation to event, I was prepared with Puffs Plus Lotion in hand. That’s why this whole 10-pack situation is pretty ideal! That’s also why you’re seeing pics of this weekend outfit with a box of Puff Plus Lotion in hand, because I was busy running wedding errands and knew at any moment tears could happen! #CryBaby 🙂

Now for the fun part, are you ready to enter to win a $250 Sam’s Club gift card for yourself + a $250 Sam’s Club gift card to give to a friend? I thought so! Click the link below to enter. Good luck!  #SoothingSoreNoses

Puffs Plus Lotion

*This post was sponsored by Sam’s Club. All opinions are my own.*

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