The Best Ways to Increase Productivity While Working From Home

Happy Wednesday! I hope the new year has been treating you well as we continue through the second week of 2017. This post is one that has been long coming, as it’s a question I get asked frequently. Working from home certainly has it’s perks and in fact helps me personally optimize my time in getting tasks completed while also allowing creativity to flow in, in a way a cubicle or busy office just would not allow for.

That being said, whenever someone does inquire about my day-to-day work flow, and because sometimes it’s someone who is interested in making the transition themselves, I always share with them a few words of advice that personally strengthen my productivity, while also allowing me to indulge in the comfort of working from home.

The Best Ways to Increase Productivity While Working From Home

1. Get out of your pajamas. I’m pretty sure this one of the first things that comes to people’s mind when they think of someone working from home. “Oh so get to work in your pajamas!”. In theory, I could. In reality, I don’t. The closest thing I’ll ever get to pajamas is an athleisure look that is comfortable, yet I still got out of bed in the morning and changed. With the exception of an extremely early morning task, I never stay in pajamas. I do think this stemmed from my habits as a kid though. It never matter if it was the weekend and I had nothing to do. I always woke up, washed up and got dressed for the day.

Here is what I usually wear on a daily basis:

Boyfriend jeans or overalls + sweater, oversized top or plain tee. I am pretty picky with shirt material, so they all have to be really soft. The ones below are some of my favorites with the best fabric.

Yup it’s casual and laid-back, after all I am working from home and that is totally one of the perks. However, staying in pajamas doesn’t help me to feel put-together for the day and I like to feel ready for whatever the day can bring.

I’m also a huge fan of soft and cozy long cardigans, here are some of my favorites:

2. Music. For me personally, this one of the biggest perks. I listen to music from the second I wake up, to just a few hours before bed. It makes me happy and gets me inspired. While I listen to at least 10 different Spotify playlists a day, I actually started to create my own work flow playlist. You can find it here. Let me know what you think! Even if you’re not huge into listening to music while working, try finding some playlists or stations to listen to during your breaks. I’m such an advocate for including music in any way during your daily routine!

3. Switch positions. For a few hours of the day I work while I’m sitting at a table, the next few I work standing and then I bring it down to my comfy and soft area rug to sit down indian style with my laptop in my lap. This one is probably my favorite position to work in since it allows my two dogs to plop down beside me. Doing this helps to lower the chance of neck and back aches and helps my thought flow by always switching things up.

4. Breaks. Some days I take mini breaks, i.e. snack time or taking the dogs out etc. And others I work for hours straight and then give myself a nice long break to run errands or do groceries. When it comes to work breaks, I don’t give myself a strict schedule and go with the flow. I do have a terrible habit of not even eating a meal until the task I’m working on is complete, so perhaps since I’m strict with myself (obviously maybe too strict, girl has got to eat!) I can get away with taking breaks whenever. However, if you’re someone who is easily distracted or someone who takes a while to jump back into work, I’d stick to no more than a few short breaks throughout the day.

5. Use the morning wisely. The morning can often be the most productive time of your day, as your mind is freshly awake and your body is ready for the day. As uninspiring as it may sound, the first thing I do when I wake up is check my emails. I know. Bor-ing. And probably not the healthiest of ways to do first thing in the morning. BUT. Just because I check my emails in the morning, doesn’t mean I use that precious time to get back to every single one. I read through them all and of course, if something is pertinent then I respond. It’s usually once I have completed at least one pending task of the day that I get back to dealing with emails. I do this because by midday, which is sometimes how long it takes to get respond and handle emails, I don’t want to feel like all I’ve done is deal with emails. I want to at least have tackled one thing on my “to-do list” before. Reflect on what would personally and professionally suite you to tackle firstly in the morning-this will add to that accomplished feeling that oozes confidence in your daily work routine.

6. Do something with your skin and hair. I may shock people in saying I put on makeup everyday, even while working from home. However, it’s always been something that helps to feel put together and the effort in such a small task makes a big difference. I will say that I have my days where I want to treat myself to face masks or double dose on my daily facial creams, in which I don’t put on any makeup on and indulge in at-home spa days for my face. I usually do this a couple of times a month. Also, find out what to do with your hair that works best for you. My hair is down 80% of my days. However, when I’m in the nitty gritty of things, I love a loose and comfortable braid gets the hair away from face. It may sound trivial, but again, it’s the little things that get you in the right state for productivity. Like if you’re one to mess and play with your hair, avoid that by picking it up!

My everyday makeup routine is CC cream and mascara. If my allergies have been rough, I wear under eye brightening cream to cover any darkness beneath my eyes. Here are my everyday products:

The Best Ways to Increase Productivity While Working From Home

Now that I’ve shared with you the best ways to increase productivity while working from home, let me share some of the indulgences I love. Firstly, I’m with my dogs all day long. I can imagine it’s what moms of actual babies and small children feel like, except my dogs are my babies so….it’s pretty amazing. Next, I love my home. I’ve decorated it into a true sense of what Nathan (my husband) and I’s style and aesthetic is, so it makes me happy just being in it. I think that reflects in my work, as I really am able to let my creativity run wild at home. Financially, I’m able to save on gas and what seems like the 500 different toll charges Miami residents acquire while commuting. I also eat healthier and make myself a hearty salad everyday for lunch. My favorite right now is a Ginger-Sesame salad, yum!

Working from home isn’t for everyone and isn’t offered in every field of work. However, this post isn’t just for those that work from home full-time, but also for anyone that wants to make the most of and enjoy their time whenever they do work from home. It could be a Saturday when you need to put a few more hours towards a work project, or for any full-time bloggers or aspiring bloggers that do it “on the side” and from home. Working from home has the possibility for high productivity, loads of creativity and lots of music playing. That’s my personal experience, anyway 🙂

I would love to know your personal tips on working from home that work for you! Let me know if you have any further questions about this topic or if you have suggestions for other posts you’d like to see here.

xx Krista


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