Relieving Stress and Feeling Refreshed: Everyday Products

​ I believe the best way to get through a busy day is to be mindful of your everyday routine. To me, that means using products that keep me looking and feeling great – especially for those nonstop busy days. Today, I’m talking about a few products that help keep me in-tuned with my daily routine of staying refreshed.
Stress Relieving Product Round UpRelieving Stress and Feeling Refreshed: Everyday Products Relieving Stress and Feeling Refreshed: Everyday Products

Relieving Stress and Feeling Refreshed: Everyday Products

It may be obvious, but is there really any other product like a great deodorant to keep you feeling fresh all day? As I mentioned before, a mindful routine that includes reassuring products helps keep the day more manageable and helps me feel fresh no matter what. Secret Fresh Collection Deodorant with Fade-Resistant Scent Technology is a product that goes the extra mile in making sure I’m protected all day, even up to 48 hours. I currently use the Cool Waterlily scent and it smells incredible, from the moment I put it on to the moment I wash it off and it doesn’t clash with my perfume, since it’s a very light and fresh scent. The Fade Resistant Scent Technology in this deodorant from the Secret Fresh Collection provides me with an added boost of confidence so I know my deodorant is working ALL. DAY. LONG. Now that’s something I can rely on especially on those bustling days when it seems I’m always moving and don’t even get to sit down a take a second to breathe until the evening and end of the day. Those are the days I need products I can really count on to keep me feeling refreshed. Who’s with me?

While Secret’s Fresh Collection really helps a girl out, there are a few other products I incorporate into my daily routine that tackle help me feel great throughout the day. Firstly, when I’m done with work for the day, I love lighting up a soothing-scented candle to give myself some aromatherapy. I am also a candle snob and believe a candle lit should truly fill up a room with its scent and my La Jolie Muse sandalwood candle does just that. Secondly, while I had never viewed detoxing as an everyday routine, 21 Drops Essential Oil Therapy has made it possible. Their Detox Essential Oil Blend is easy to use and the results are relaxing, as ingredients like Lavender, Cardamon and Juniper help flush out toxins and alleviate stress.

Relieving Stress and Feeling Refreshed: Everyday Products

Lastly, one of the perfect ways to de-stress and refresh daily is in your shower routine, as it’s a time of the day you can unwind and afford yourself a little “me-time.” As I step into the shower I grab a La Fresh Waterproof Makeup Wipe for my eyes and lips. I have extremely sensitive skin and these have proven to be a gentle and effective way to remove my mascara and lipstick with no irritation. And because my skin is so sensitive, finding shaving creams is also a mission; however, Treehut’s Moisturizing Shave Gel works just as wonderfully as it smells heavenly.
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