These Are My Favorite Podcasts I Listen To

Do you listen to podcasts? I do. Thanks to my husband. Who literally hardly has time to brush his hair, yet he has a handful of inspiring and go-getter podcasts he listens to in his car or on breaks at work and sometimes while he showers (my new favorite time to listen to them, ha!). When he would first tell me about how he listened to podcasts, I was so excited he was enjoying something during those in-between times during the day and choosing to listen to something that was either uplifting, inspiring or offered new knowledge. But when he would tell me I should listen to 1 or 2 that I can relate to, I would give him that “um, I don’t even have time for that!” or “Maybe I’ll find one I like…one day…”.  Fast forward a few months later and I’m hooked on 10 different podcasts.

These are my favorite podcasts I listen to…

  1. Stuff Mom Never Told You
    • Sometimes funny, mostly interesting and pertaining to current topics and stuff women think and wonder about-as this podcast is catered towards women.
  2. Terrible, Thanks for Asking
    • Pretty heavy, but interesting and offers unique and different perspectives on life instances and struggles.
  3. Anna Faris is Unqualified
    • I have always loved Anna Faris. She’s silly and fun and so is her podcast.
  4. The Goal Digger Podcast
    • Inspiring and boosts that go-getter and self-loving attitude.
  5. Throwing Shade
    • Silly, funny almost meaningless.
  6. Stuff You Should Know
    • Interesting stuff you’ve thought about before, but never known the why’s and how’s.
  7. Serial
    • A continuous mystery story that’s gets you hooked from the start.
  8. This American Life
    • Current events, modern culture, mostly journalism stories. Each show is a different theme. (From the people behind Serial).
  9. Stuff to Blow Your Mind
    • This podcast covers various topics that we are not only interesting, but the hosts offer really great insight from research, studies and expert opinions.
  10. S-Town
    • The newest podcast from the people behind This American Life and Serial. One of the writers uncovers two mysterious stories, one a murder, in a small town in Alabama. A true story.

As you can see, I listen to a mix of various topics. I’ll be honest, I don’t keep up with each regularly on their own. Although I do listen to all of these podcasts on a regular basis, I kind of listen to the newest show of whichever podcast I’m in the mood for. Unless of course it’s one of the story-telling ones, then I do listen to that consecutively.

I’m interested in knowing what podcasts do you listen to? Which ones would you recommend? And what are your thoughts on the increasing popularity of podcasts?

P.S. My tank top is from artTECA and jeans are from Nordstrom.


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