Celebrate Womens Health Month with Healthy Choice

*This post is sponsored by Babbleboxx on behalf of Healthy Choice. All opinions and thoughts are my own.

Today I’m going to celebrate Womens Health Month with Healthy Choice by sharing a few ways I keep my daily routine healthy and positive.Sugar Love Chic blogger talks about Healthy Choice Bowls for Womens Health Month Sugar Love Chic blogger talks about Healthy Choice Bowls for Womens Health Month How important is lunchtime to you? To me, it’s that meal I eat in the midst of the busiest time of my days and my brain and body needs good fuel to keep on going. But the truth is, I hardly ever have time to get in the kitchen and cook up a meal from scratch. To keep my daily routine as healthy as possible, I like to try and do a few things: Firstly, drink as much water as I can-and that includes with my lunch. Secondly, take a mental and physical break from work-whether that be heading outside to eat lunch or popping in my headphones to escape with some music for my lunch break. Lastly, it’s really important for me to eat the most balanced meal I can during lunchtime. Enter Healthy Choice Power Bowls.

I love that these bowls taste so fresh and authentic. These frozen meals are not only convenient, but their nutritional value fits perfectly into my daily routine and gives me the perfect protein and fiber balance along with including all-natural meats. Sugar Love Chic blogger talks about Healthy Choice Bowls for Womens Health Month I am also the pickiest eater, which really limits me when it comes to finding convenient and healthy meals. However, this picky eater approves these Healthy Choice Power Bowls. They are SO GOOD. So far, I’ve tried the Korean-Inspired Beef Bowl and Adobo Chicken Bowl…both are delicious. One of the most important things I look for in frozen meals are the quality and taste of the meat and these bowls do not let me down.Sugar Love Chic blogger talks about Healthy Choice Bowls for Womens Health MonthEven the plant-based and recycled fiber bowl is convenient-no dirty dishes!

Really enjoying your meals, whether that’s during lunch or dinner, can make the most out of that down time during the day. I try my hardest to not work during my lunch breaks and that’s actually easier to do so when I’m loving what I’m eating and my meal is healthy.

Need more motivation to incorporate a healthy (a delicious 😉 ) break in your work day? Here is a quote by Kimberly Elsbach, a management professor at UC-Davis who studies the psychology of the workplace:

“Never taking a break from very careful thought work actually reduces your ability to be creative. It sort of exhausts your cognitive capacity and you’re not able to make the creative connections you can if your brain is more rested. If you’re skipping lunch to continue to push forward in a very intense cognitive capacity, then you’re probably not doing yourself any favors.”


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