How to Find the Perfect Plaid Shirts for Fall

perfect fall plaid shirts

My mom can vouch for this, I have always been obsessed with plaid shirts. She often calls me a lumberjack, because of this. There’s just something about the classic patterned long-sleeved shirt that I can never get enough of. Because of this, I’ve learned that I need to be more choosey and have more of an eye for details and styles so that I don’t overwhelm my closet with a bunch of plaid shirts.


Today I’m going to share how to find the perfect plaid shirt for Fall.

It all comes down to three factors for me.

1. Color 2. Style 3. Fabric

I don’t discriminate when it comes to plaid pattern colors. I love them all. However, I try not to buy multiple plaid shirts in the same color scheme. Which is definitely harder than it seems, with so many great options out there. So I stick to classics like red, black and blue color schemes. Then I like to add in a few more unique shades like the burnt orange plaid I’m wearing in this post along with green or a maybe a pink palette.

When it comes to the style of the shirt, I like to own only a couple (1-2) that are on the fitted, more tailored side. Since I generally prefer more laid-back, slouchy fits, I like my other styles to be more of a boyfriend-fit. And then I like to have one long enough to wear with leggings, so usually a high-low fit works perfectly for that. The plaid shirt I’m wearing in this post is over-sized and you can’t tell because I have it tucked in, but it’s also lower in the back. Which makes it perfect to wear with sleek skinny jeans or leggings. So bottom line: stick to buying plaid shirts in the fit you prefer most of your tops to be in, then add 1-2 in different styles of fit to change things up.

Lastly, fabric. Since I do love plaid shirts. A lot. I like to wear them all year long. For this reason, I look for plaid shirts in different fabrics. I only own one wool plaid shirt, because I live in Miami and I would be crazy to think I can wear that shirt more than 2-3 a year max. Then I look for fabrics that are on the cozy side, but far from the thickness of wool. Something like this plaid shirt that is 55% cotton, 45% viscose. Lastly, because I am in warm weather 90% of the time, my favorite plaid shirts to own are 100% cotton. They are the coolest and comfiest ones. Plus, I can have more fun layering when the plaid shirt is lightweight.

Perfect Fall Plaid Shirts

P.S. I love the plaid shirt I’m wearing in this post and would definitely recommend it. BUT it does run a size bigger. I’m wearing an XXS. It’s supposed to have a very relaxed and long fit, but I’d still buy a size down.

P.P.S. If plaid isn’t your jam, I’ve also shared 25 Fall Fashion Staples to Add to Your Closet and the pieces are goooood.


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