Thoughtful Gift Giving with 23andMe DNA Ancestry kit

Thoughtful Gift Giving with 23andMe DNA Ancestry kit I know we all see gift guide after gift guide and so many holiday present ideas thrown our way during this time of the year. There are cute gifts, funny gifts, trendy gifts and useful gifts…and I love them all. But what about thoughtful and personal gifts? Those are by far my favorite. Today I am excited to team up with 23andMe to share why I’m loving the idea of giving the gift of a DNA kit these holidays.Thoughtful Gift Giving with 23andMe DNA Ancestry kit

Gifts are always fun, but gifts with meaning are the best. 23andMe DNA kits are so personal and such a unique present to give to loved ones. This is the type of gift that keeps giving. After sending DNA via prepaid package (included in the kit), which consists of just spitting in a tube, 6-8 weeks later a personalized genetics report is ready. Here is when the fun really begins.

Not only is this gift a refreshing opportunity to learn more about yourself and what makes you unique, it’s also an opportunity to form a deeper understanding and a stronger connection with your family through genetic information.Thoughtful Gift Giving with 23andMe DNA Ancestry kit

You know those gifts that are so good you end up buying them for yourself too? This is totally one of them. But that doesn’t have to be a selfish thing with 23andMe! In fact, I think the idea of gifting a 23andMe DNA kit to yourself and family members is a great way to bring everyone closer together, spark really interesting conversation and make lasting memories. I love it!

If you love this gift idea as much as I do, be sure to visit before December 26-the site has great deals happening up until that time frame.

This post is in partnership with Babbleboxx on behalf of 23andMe. All opinions and statements are my own.


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