Eyebrow Maintenance 101: How to maintain your eyebrow shape

Eyebrow Maintenance 101

I’m really excited to talk about something I get so many questions on: my brows! Today I’m sharing answers to a few different questions and also a product that helps my eyebrows keep their shape.

Eyebrow Maintenance 101 with NAD's Eyebrow Maintenance 101 with NAD's

For the past few years, I’ve gradually let my eyebrows get thicker and thicker-as I’m sure many gals have done with the latest eyebrow trends. More importantly than a trend though, I’ve figured out what shape and thickness works for my face. And to be honest, I don’t have the time (and just don’t feel like it either) to go to an eyebrow waxer or threader. It’s hard enough to find time and drag myself to my doctor. But this doesn’t mean eyebrows aren’t important to me.

Eyebrow Maintenance 101 with NAD's

In fact, I had to search for a perfect product that would help me with maintaining my eyebrow shape, easily and safely. Enter NAD’s Natural Hair Removal Gel. My favorite aspect of this product is that its natural and requires no heat, making it safe to use on my sensitive skin. (Can we all agree being burned by wax on our eyebrows HURTS.) It’s also so easy to use, because of it’s SlimTip Precision Applicator-so getting the exact shape you want is easier than you think. Don’t be intimidated by it, you can SO use this!

Along with NAD’s Natural Hair Removal Gel, I stand by some tried and true techniques for my brows. I’m going to share one of my biggest tips to eyebrow shaping, don’t overdo it. Obvious, right? Well, I know a lot of ladies that feel that in order to achieve a perfect arch or shape, they wax (or pluck) towards the end of their brows. My advice is to not do this. The hairs at the end of our brows tend to be more volatile, sometimes weaker and sometimes don’t grow back as thick or at all. Instead, help give the ends of your eyebrows some share with a brow pencil.

Worried that you’ll still have hairs out of place at the ends once you fill them in with a pencil? Or maybe you have a few hairs here or there on your eyebrows you kind of want to wax (or pluck), but aren’t sure if waxing them will be too drastic on the shape of your brow. Whatever it is, highlighter or brightener is here to save your brows. Give a light and subtle swipe of your favorite highlighter near any part of your brow that you want to accentuate shape. This ends up concealing those few hairs too and drawing attention to your brow shape.

This post is sponsored by BabbleBoxx.com on behalf of Nad’s. All opinions and thoughts are my own. 


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