My Eyelash Care Routine

My Eyelash Routine

It’s finally here! Many of you have been asking about my eyelashes for months now, so I’m happy to share my eyelash care routine and the products I love to keep my eyelashes healthy and looking great.

How I Keep My Eyelashes Healthy

Step: 1

So I used to be one of those who washed their mascara off with face wash-I KNOW. But in my defense, I do only use really awesome facial cleansers, so I thought it wasn’t the biggest of deals. (Which it was) I also stayed away from makeup-removers for a long time because a lot of them would irritate my skin. That was until I discovered the three makeup removers that I use and trust.

I’m obsessed with anything PIXI, so it was no surprise when I fell in love with their lash nourish makeup remover pads. I was already using the Sephora waterproof eye makeup remover, which I really like, but I was searching for some pads instead of loose liquid for easier application and to take with me when I travel. I was also recently introduced to everything Dermalogica and just like all of the other products in their skincare line, I’m a fan of their soothing eye makeup remover too. What I like about this one is that it’s full of amino acids which are known for building proteins which then strengthen your lashes. I love multi-purpose skincare/beauty products!

So, this is the first step to getting fuller and healthy lashes. Don’t wash your eye makeup off with your facial cleanser, use only a high-quality eye makeup remover. And if you’re someone who hates that oily feeling some eye make removers leave on your skin, out of all three of the above removers, I’d try out the Dermalogica Soothing Eye Make-up Remover which has no oil or alcohol. Although I have to say, even though the PIXI lash nourish makeup removers pads have Argan oil and Castor oil, they don’t leave an overwhelming amount of oil on your skin. And at the end of the day, you want those oils soaking on your lashes-they’re awesome for them!

Step 2:

Apply Castor oil. It wasn’t until I was sent a bottle of castor oil from Sky Organics that I finally started implementing this product into my beauty/skincare routine, even though I had been wanting to try out Castor oil for a while. I LOVE this stuff. And I particularly like that this specific one comes with all of the applicators you would need to apply the oil onto your eyelashes and even eyebrows. I have been using this Castor oil for over 3 months now and I can say I see noticeable difference in both my brows and eyelashes.

Even though I already have pretty thick eyebrows, this helped me out on the ends of them where they tend to thin out a bit. And for eyelashes, this castor oil has made my lashes a bit thicker and shinier. I guess they just look healthier overall. But it does take a bit of time, so stick to it! I’d say I noticed the first change after about 3 1/2 weeks of using.

NOTE: it is pretty annoying how inevitable it is that some of the oil will get in your eyes a bit, but I usually put this on right before bed-so it doesn’t bother me so much.

How I Apply Mascara to Get My Lashes Looking Long and Full

I may not do this every time I put on mascara-for instance, if I just want to open my eyes a bit and look more awake to head out to the store or to grab some coffee, I stick to just a couple of swipes of one of my favorites mascaras and I’m out the door.

However, if I actually want a full lash look I usually use 2-3 different mascaras. In fact, I think it’s kind of crazy to think one mascara could do a good enough job to get your lashes looking the way you want them to. That’s kind of why I think so many of us ladies rely on falsies, especially for events, but I’m not a fan of them. I know they’re easy to stick on and be on your way, but I’m just not a fan of the way they look.

I feel like everyone immediately notices falsies since we tend to look so different with them. I know I’m always drawn to look at them on faces Woman Shrugging: Light Skin Tone on Apple  I may sound like a weirdo, but not liking falsies is probably what led me to learn how to apply mascara really well. I danced for 15 years and would never wear falsies on stage, instead I would just make my eyelashes dramatic with mascara. So I’ve got many years of practice 😉

Step 3:

Use a thickening/volumizing mascara as the base of your application. Don’t have a heavy hand with this, but make sure the very bottom of your lashes are completely coated to ensure there is added volume there.

Here are my favorite volumizing mascaras:

Then use a lengthening mascara from the middle of your lashes to the ends to build length. I prefer to use a mascara with very thin and close-together bristles so that it really grabs the lashes and focuses on separating them. I also prefer a silicone applicator-I just think they grab lashes better than the other style of brushes.

Here are my favorite lengthening and lash-separating mascaras:

Lastly, if you want to add some feathery-ness to your lashes, grab a mascara that has a curling effect and apply at only the very ends of your lashes in a whispy way. Meaning, don’t comb the end of the lashes with this mascara as that might make the mascara already on your lashes clumpy. Instead just apply it in a window-whipers way…left to right and right to left. Does that make sense? The further I get into this post the more I’m realizing I should maybe do a video or photos of me applying the mascaras. Let me know if you think I should do that!

Here are my favorite curling mascaras:

The Best Drugstore and Higher-End Mascaras

And now to share my favorite mascaras at multiple price points!


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