Game Time Snacks with Popchips

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The big game is almost here and that means two things for this girl: Halftime show and snacks. I get more excited about the fun of getting together and snacking with friends over the sound of the game, then actually watching the game, because this girl just doesn’t watch football. BUT, I make up for my lack of football enthusiasm with my impressive snack line-up. This year I’m bringing the popchips!Game Time Snacks with Popchips Game Time Snacks with Popchips Game Time Snacks with Popchips Game Time Snacks with Popchips

I love that this game day snack is gluten-free and has no preservatives, trans fat or cholesterol. Also, popchips are never fried. That’s amazing! I personally love chips and have always thought they make the perfect centerpiece snack for fun events, so the fact that popchips gives you all the flavor and crunch of a potato and corn chip and keeps it healthy is awesome.

The flavors I’ll be setting out for the big game, with a side of salsa or guac of course, will be the Zesty Jalapeño Cheddar and Buffalo Ranch Ridges popchips. The Zesty Jalapeño Cheddar popchips are packed with flavor and have quite the peppery kick, which I love! And snacking on the Buffalo Ranch Ridges is like eating a buffalo wing, but with a yummy crunch of a chip. It’s a classic game day flavor int he form of a chip!

So, all the flavor with none of the guilt. Popchips really are the perfect chip or any fun occasion!

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