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My Favorite Drugstore Makeup

My Favorite Drugstore Makeup

Foundation: Ulta Highlighter: Ulta Blush Illuminator: Ulta Mascara: Ulta Eye Shadow: UltaMy Favorite Drugstore MakeupToday I’m sharing with you my drugstore makeup favorites. I’ll admit, I am a makeup snob. 95% of the time I do my cosmetics shopping at Sephora or department stores and only use designer makeup brands. Makeup has always been the purchase in my life that I continuously splurge on and honestly have no guilt over. If that means counting pennies elsewhere, I’ll do it!

That being said, when I do find myself at the drugstore, it’s getting my hands on these few favorites that I’ve fallen in love with.

First up, foundation. I’ve never been a big fan of foundation. In fact, I only use it for special events or times I know I will need something with a little more wear to get me through a long day. I usually stick to just mineral powder. When I do choose to wear foundation, one of my go-to’s is Covergirl Ready Set Gorgeous. It’s light-weight, doesn’t sink in creases and the smallest bit goes a long way. I should mentioned I have the most sensitive skin. Like ever. Which is why I’ve always gravitated towards high-end makeup brands, but this foundation has never made me break out.

Secondly, highlighter. I’ll admit, I still have my other brand name highlighter that I interchange with. However, for the price (a mere $13 bucks) this has tied my other highlighter which is double the price.

Now illuminators, they are the hottest thing in the makeup world right now and for good reason. They just tend to be really pricey. This Loreal illuminator is a fraction of the price most brand name illuminators are. Plus, what I love about this specific one is the fact that it acts as a two-in-one illuminator and blush. Whichever shade you choose, based on your skin, it will add a nice touch of color to your cheeks too.

Next is mascara. This is probably the product I am the pickiest with. I want a certain shade, texture, curve of the applicator, material of the applicator…the list goes on and on. I close-to-never purchase mascara at drugstores, but I have taken a liking to this Maybelline Lash Sensational. One swipe goes a long with and at $9 bucks, it’s a steal. Prepare yourself….I usually spend….TRIPLE that amount on mascara. So you can understand my enthusiasm when I find one 1/3 of the price I actually like.

Lastly, eyeshadow. I never wear eye shadow. Call me lazy (cause that’s pretty much the reason why), I just never feel like figuring out what shades and where to put them on my eye lid. Probably why I’m such a mascara fanatic, I just rely on that pizzazz. Revlon’s Photo Ready Eye Art is the coolest little product. It comes with two liquid eyeshadows that dry quickly and stay put without creasing. Although they may look flashy, they go on lightly and give only a subtle shimmer and color-which I love!


Hair Routine: Featuring Hairapeutix

hairapeutix Today I’m sharing with you a new product that just entered my hair routine and I’m pretty sure it’s never leaving it. Hairapeutix is a Pre Shampoo Treatment that is everything. Not going to lie, I didn’t even know such a thing existed-but now I realize why Hairapeutix decided it should. hairapeutix Although I wouldn’t say I’m a heavy hair-dyer, I do always have some sort of color in it. Finding a hair routine that works to keep my hair shiny and conditioned is always a priority on my list. One thing I always seem to notice is that no matter how moisturizing a conditioner is, sometimes it’s shampoo counterpart is still drying. Enter Hairapeutix. hairapeutix How does it work? Open the handy little pouch and apply to hair from the mid-section down to the tips. For optimal results, leave in over-night. However, I’ve done treatments where I want a dose of shine added to my hair for a night-out, only leaving the treatment for a couple of hours. The results were still A M A Z I N G. Did I mention it smells so yummy?

hairapeutix hairapeutix This natural and organic treatment is offered in a monthly supply and brings eight pouches, that just so happen to be the perfect size to take with you anywhere (Vacation ✓ BF Sleepover ✓) and don’t take up a load of space in your beauty storage, which is major for me.

I still have serval treatments to go and I’m SO excited, because I have already noticed a difference with only two treatments. Yay!

Be sure to visit and follow along on their Instagram. Their account will give you a serious case of wanderlust.

My Easy Trick to Shiny Hair

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Hair Brush: Goody Clean Radiance

Confession, I don’t brush my hair nearly as often as I should. And by that, I mean I run a brush through my locks maybe a few times a month. I’ve just always enjoyed a pretty carefree routine when it comes to my hair. I towel-dry it after a shower and that’s it. However, lately I’ve been trying to incorporate simple ways that aren’t time consuming and will help give my hair some extra life.

For about a month now I’ve introduced the Good Clean Radiance Brush into my routine and I’m loving it! The brush has copper bristles which reduce buildup that causes your hair to look dull, so hair naturally gets shinier. This little extra TLC is exactly what I was looking for, not to mention it’s totally affordable. You can buy the Goody Clean Radiance Brush at Walmart for less than $15! I’m actually always surprised with the selection of hair-care at Walmart; I’m always leaving with something good for my tresses!

What are simple things you’ve added to your hair routine that gives your hair life?

[disclaim]This post was sponsored by Goody. All opinions are my own.[/disclaim]

Everyday Confidence: My Secret Weapons


Today, I wanted to share with you my ‘secret weapons‘ I use on the regular that help give me a boost of confidence. The best aspect about these things is that they are all simple and easy to add to your everyday routine!

U By Kotex

  1. I throw on a hat and call it a (fab!) day. You can catch me in a hat almost any day. I love the finishing touch it gives to any outfit, especially my go to fedora.
  2. A pair of chic shades. I have a pretty stacked collection of sunglasses from designer to fun, inexpensive sunnies. I just love their sleekness and not mention they’re the perfect option to hide my tired eyes on my coffee runs 😉
  3. I know many frown upon those who feel “naked” without their cellphones, but having mine always gives me comfort. I love staying connected to my friends, family and IG followers. It’s fun! Shop my case here.
  4. Lastly, and especially on bikini clad vacations like my last one to Miami Beach, I need to have the right product to rely on to stay comfortable and confident. That’s where U by Kotex steps in. I am loving the products and the fact that I when I purchased at Walmart, I got a free bonus pack. (score!) Dependable, accessible and affordable. P.S. I’m such a sucker for packaging and U by Kotex has the wraps their pads in the cutest colorful and printed package!

U By Kotex
U By Kotex

What are simple ways you incorporate into your daily routine give yourself a boost of confidence? I would love to hear!

[disclaim]*This post was sponsored by U By Kotex. All opinions are my own.[/disclaim]