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The Best Home Decor Statement Pieces

Blogger Krista Perez from Sugar Love Chic shares the best home decor statement pieces

I believe incorporating statement pieces in our homes is practically essential. They offer us a chance to express ourselves and our unique tastes. Even if you’re someone who’s home style is to commit to one particular trend or vibe, you can always add in a statement piece that shows off personality. My personal home style is an eclectic mix of 2-3 vibes, so to be honest, I’d make every piece in my home a statement piece…that’s just my particular style. In fact, as I write this I’m looking around my place and noticing every piece of furniture and most decor items pack quite the punch. Pretty cool!

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Here’s Where to Buy Beautiful and Affordable Art for Your Home

Here's Where to Buy Beautiful and Affordable Art for Your Home

Although I tend to spend a little more on my wall art when it comes to paintings and canvas prints, I still like to budget myself. I do this especially since I like to change things up every so often with my decor and I think a great way of doing that is by interchanging wall art. However, if a piece really resonates with me I do end up switching it up throughout my place instead of just taking it down all together. And for those pieces I do take down, I don’t get rid of them-at least not most of them. Since I tend to purchase pieces that are less trendy and more for the reason that it truly echoes my style, I am usually able to decorate again with it, brining on a brand new perspective and aesthetic.

Below are online shops that I’ve used to find art throughout the years that won’t break the bank, while each piece remains unique and not cookie-cutter.

Here’s Where to Buy Beautiful and Affordable Art for Your Home







Any specific online places you love to shop for wall art?

Fun Options for a Valentine’s Day Date Night In

Fun Options for a Valentine's Day Date Night In

The hubby and I have spent 10 Valentine’s Days together, celebrating the day in countless ways. Thinking back on them, I remember each was so special, even if we did nothing out of the ordinary. Nathan and I started dating in high school, with little to no money to actually spend on each other. We actually used birthday and allowance money to buy any gifts for each other, but most times we liked silly and inexpensive gifts anyways.

Fast-foward 10 years and we still love to hang back and chill on Valentine’s Day. There are so many fun, romantic and even inexpensive ways to celebrate the day in the comfort of your home. If you’re like Nathan and I, check them out below!

Fun Options for a Valentine’s Day Date Night In

  1. Spend the night on the living room floor.  Set up the air mattress or lay out a comforter. Have a fireplace? Roast some marshmallows and make s’mores. Or have a home-cooked or take-out picnic on the floor. (Nathan and I used to do this all of the time in our early years of dating).
  2. Want the fancy restaurant mood, without the crowd or price-tag? Bring out the candles, flowers and romantic music. Maybe multiple-courses, via take-out from your favorite restaurant or at-home fondue. Try to recreate that romantic atmosphere at your own dining table.
  3. Make dinner together.  Choose the menu and get the ingredients ahead of time, so you can have fun cooking and eating together that evening.
  4. Have a rom-com movie marathon. Maybe include one that leans more on the comedy side, for your beau 😉 Laughing together is romantic too!
  5. Turn your living room into a ballroom.  Move the furniture out of the way and turn on your favorite music. Even if it’s not lovey-dovey music, whatever music is your music. It’s the dancing and goofing off that will be fun and romantic. (Nathan and I do this all the time. So fun!)
  6. Celebrate your wedding day memories. Look through your wedding albums or watch your wedding video. Is there anything more romantic than reliving the most romantic day of your lives?
  7. Choose your drink of choice whether it’s wine, hot cocoa or tea and sit on your balcony or porch together. There’s nothing like breathing in fresh air, under a night sky and taking in the peacefulness with your love.
  8. Go back and read your journals, letters and notes from when you were dating or the early years of your relationship. (Nathan and I love doing this too! Since we dated for so long, we’re always finding old love notes and cards we wrote to each other. Sometimes with silly sketches in them. I cry every.single.time.)
  9. Have a champagne and pizza or junk food of your choice night. A little high-low mixing for your palette is fun and delicious!
  10. Read a bit of Song of Solomon together. A beautifully romantic book of the Bible.
  11. Write your lifelong bucket list together, include places you’re dreaming of visiting and goals you want to achieve together.
  12. Create a blueprint of your dream house. You don’t have to be an architect, an amateur sketch will do 😉
  13. Write a gratitude list together.  Make a list of everything you are thankful for as a couple.
  14. Have dinner on your roof, should you #1 have a roof and #2 a roof that’s not too steep.
  15. Have the ultimate Netflix and Chill night. Netflix Originals are gold right now. Below are the new releases from February 1- February 14, perfect timing for Valentine’s Day.

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Here Are The Prettiest Coffee Table Books

Here Are The Prettiest Coffee Table Books

Are you as big of a fan of coffee table books as I am? I just love something that looks pretty and adds character to a room. Not to mention, great coffee table books are wonderfully interesting and inspiring. It’s all about choosing a topic you love. I think the concept of a coffee table book is pretty cool too, as it’s a small little decor token that also tells your guests a little about yourself.

Currently on my coffee table are two books: Domino’s Your Guide to a Stylish Home and National Geographic’s Greatest Landscapes. This combination could not describe Nathan and I any better. Both of us have a constant case of wanderlust and we love the beauty and satisfaction in styling our home. So there’s a little piece of both of us on our coffee table 🙂

Below you’ll find my current favorite that are just as good-lookin’ on the outside as they are inside, categorized based on topics of interest.

Here Are The Prettiest Coffee Table Books






Here’s How to Be the Best Hostess

Here's How to Be the Best Hostess

If you’re someone who loves to have guests over at your home and host your buds, this one’s for you. My husband and I personally love to have guests over our place. While I can share with you a plethora of ideas that will knock the socks off your guests, most of those take a whole lotta time and cha-ching. And that’s fun sometimes, to spoil your guests and throw an intimate yet detailed gathering at your home. But not everyone has the time and dough to do that on a regular basis. And to be honest, it’s the small things that go a long way with your guests-especially if they’re your friends.

So today I’m sharing my tips to be the any weekend, any friend type of host that is always prepared to welcome and comfort their guests in the best way possible. Which yes, includes a hug. But that’s a given.

In my opinion, being a hostess with the mostess is in the small gestures and thoughtfulness that work to make sure you’re always ready to warmly host your buddies at any given time.

Here’s How to Be the Best Hostess

Stock your pantry. Have a small portion of your pantry and/or fridge dedicated to small bites and snacks perfect to offer your guests. This could be anything from chips and dip or herb crackers, to a few different cheeses or an assortment of fruit. Yes, some of these are perishable. However, the good thing is if they don’t make it into your friend’s bellies, there’s always yours 😉 Here are few easy and bit more impressive snack ideas:

Drinks. Most people think you need to have every liquor and wine under the sun to be the best host, as you never know what you’re guest will be in the mood for. While that may fun, not everyone has the room in their kitchen/home to stock a full bar. Instead, stick to these few tips:

  • Choose a drink of the evening. Moscow Mules, Margaritas, Sangria. These are all ideas that require only a few ingredients and are commonly loved cocktails by most. In the case one of your guests doesn’t enjoy that particular liquor, always have at least one bottle of white wine and one bottle of red wine to offer.

Here is my breakdown of what you would need to make any of the drinks above. See how simple it is to have this on hand:

Here's How to Be the Best Hostess

image source: pinterest

Moscow Mule: Pack of Ginger Beer, Mint, Vodka, Tonic Water or Club Soda or Sprite. Extra: have on deck a set of copper mules to make the drink that more special.

Margarita: Tequila, Limes, Lime Juice, Agave Nectar or Simple Syrup or Triple Sec. Extra: Pick up a flavored simple syrup or fruit nectar to add additional flavor to the margs.

Sangria: 1 large bottle of white table wine or moscato, 2 juices or nectars of your favorite fruits, Club Soda or Sprite. Extra: actual fruit slices to mix into pitcher or garish drink with.

A bar cart. They really aren’t just for pretty display (although they do look so pretty all decorated!). A bar cart can act as a centerpiece for guests to serve themselves whatever you have on deck and grab whatever accessories like straws, napkins etc. they may need. Here are some necessities to include on your bar cart for your guests:

Bottle stoppers. I love a fun bottle stopper, give your bottle some personality!

Cocktail napkins are just as cute as they are functional. They serves great as coasters for your guests drinks too!

Beer bottle opener. Again, there are so many fun variations!

It’s always nice to offer a glass for your guest’s beer. It’s even cooler when you have the particular glass to match a specific style of beer!

Paper straws immediately elevate the look of any cocktail. Go for metallic or neutral so that they’re perfect for any gathering. Or go for the Flamingo straws because YOLO.

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How to Decorate an End Table

How to Decorate an End Table

I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday season, full of love and laughter! Mine was particularly special, since it was my first one married. But to be honest, holidays are always special when you are surrounded by the ones you love. In my case particularly, my best friend/hubby who I have celebrated the holidays with the past ten years 🙂

I’ll be putting up a post soon on how Sugar Love Chic is going to take certain turns in evolving this year, but for today I’m sharing a peek into one of the content topics I’ll posting more on-home decor. Nathan (my hubby) and I recently moved into our first home and it’s been the best.time.ever. I always imagined any little nook to call my own with Nathan would be just the greatest thing…a peaceful place full of love, our style, inevitable amounts of dog hair and memories in the making. Turns out, it’s just that.

Without further adieu, I’m sharing my tips on how to decorate an end table. We all have different styles and tastes for decor, but I do think there are some great pieces that regardless of personal home-style, really help to complete the look of an end table. Also, you’ll notice there are only four types of pieces listed below, most which you can combine for under $100!

How to Decorate an End Table

How to Decorate an End Table

Table Top Clock

Whether it’s rustic, modern, boho or chic. There are table top clocks of every style and make out there. You can probably even find one that can be both used for a table top and can be hung up-giving you the most use out of it!

Terrarium or Planter

Depending on your plant preferences, one of the two may work better for you. However, most terrarium and planters can host the same type of plants. However, a terrarium does give you out of the box style ideas, like filling it with other objects or even leaving it bare.

Candle or Oil Diffuser

I think I have some type of air-enhancing item in every corner of my home. That being said, an end table is a perfect place for your favorite scent. Whether you prefer oil diffusers or candles. My tip for purchasing candles is to always purchase ones that have their burning time on their label. I am ok with buying a more expensive candle for the natural properties (soy based, paraban free and wood wick), however, I want to know the amount of burning time I’m paying for. Helps me justify spending 20+ for a candle!

Decorative Trays

Besides the fact that adding a decorative tray to your end table will look great, it also maximizes the space on the surface of the table. You will  be able to fit more of your knick knack decor, without overcrowding the tabletop. For added dimension and depth, place round trays on your square/rectangular tabletops and vice versa. Looks so chic!

Would LOVE to hear what specific home decor and style content you would like to see here on SLC. Your wish is my command!