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Wedding Advice: Unexpected Costs to Expect

Wedding Advice: Unexpected Costs to Expect

Hey loves! I’ve been meaning to get this post up for sometime. As many of the amazing memories and moments the entire wedding process brings your way, there are quite a handful of unexpected costs that come along that could put a damper on those warm fuzzy feelings if you didn’t see them coming. Today I’m sharing a list of some of those costs that could help bride-to-be’s, fiance’s and bridal parties. Here we go! Continue Reading

Engagement Ring Accessories


I’ve been engaged for almost 2 1/2 years now (I know!) and there are a few things I had to learn on my own about my new bling. Where to keep it, how to travel with it and how to clean it. Seems simple, but once you have yourself a precious piece like an engagement ring, you really don’t want to mess up with these things. So, I’ve gathered a few tips and products to share with you today that have helped me keep my ring safe and shiny!

Firstly, where to keep your engagement ring. I misplace everything. I’ve even “misplaced” glasses that are on my head and an iPhone that was in my pocket-I’m just not good with those things. However, I have never had that heart-dropping feeling of “where the heck did I put my ring?” these past two years, because every single evening I place my ring in the same exact spot. Ring dishes aren’t just a great purchase for their cute factor, but they are so practical. I also never ever put anything else in my engagement ring dish. It’s sole purpose is to protect my precious. (Smeagol would be proud #LordOfTheRingsNerd).

Here are some adorable options for yourself or as a gift!

Next up, engagement ring cleaning. My fiancé purchased my ring at a brand-name retailer and with insurance, so I can take my ring in every 3 months to get a free professional cleaning. However, between visits to the beach/pool, cleaning dishes and applying cream-I love a little freshening up between those three month cleanings. I personally love the Connoisseurs Jewelry Cleaner, but have heard amazing things about the Baublerella Bling Brush. Just check out it’s reviews, all 5 stars.

Lastly, traveling with your engagement ring. Although I’d think the majority of women wear their ring throughout their traveling, there are always instances when you’re somewhere other than your home and you want to put away your ring. Maybe your ring is on the flashier side and you rather not wear it everyday on vacation in a foreign place or maybe you’re heading out to the beach and are afraid to lose it (aka me. Biggest fear.). Below are some great products to use to put your engagement ring that are safe and inconspicuous. With these products you can place it all by itself in a subtle case or along with your other jewelry in a safe case /bag to call less attention to it. I’m loving the Jewelry Snug bag for all of my jewelry. What an amazing concept! There’s nothing more annoying than all of your necklaces and bracelets getting all tangled together.

A Friends Fiesta

fiesta party decor

fiesta party decorThis weekend, Nathan and I hosted our closest friends to a Friends Fiesta. We enjoyed enchiladas, chips and dips, Mexican rice and margaritas. While of course, finishing off with some delicious treats.

fiesta party decorWe did this to celebrate the friends we have made so many wonderful memories with and that have joined us in love and laughter over the years. We also wanted to share a special night together to ask if they would join us in being part of our Wedding Day!

fiesta party decorWe’re happy to report that they are as thrilled as we are to have them 🙂 I wanted to share the decor from the evening, as I enjoyed so much putting everything together. I am a huge details type of girl and I always hope it comes through in my decorating. My main goal is to have any special event represent Nathan and I and make our guests feel welcomed and loved!

fiesta party decorOne of my favorite aspects to decorate is always the bar. For this evening I used my indoor bar cart, as it was an intimate group and I didn’t need too much space.fiesta party decorBeing the Friends Fiesta it was, I couldn’t think of a better signature drink than Margaritas! I chose two delicious flavors, Mango and Pomegranate. All my guests needed to do was add ice and stir.

fiesta party decorA tip I would pass on to anyone who loves decorating with flowers, find paper flowers. They come solo, in garland and in bunches. You can decorate in so many ways with them and they are budget friendly. Plus, you can continue to use them!

fiesta party decorfiesta party decorI had these cuties throughout the decor. They added a touch of a south western vibe to add to the fiesta theme!

fiesta party decor fiesta party decor fiesta party decorNow onto the table decor. I just adore place settings. I feel you can use your imagination and implement even the most simple of things at a place setting, while keeping to a few rules. Symmetry, odd numbers and personalized touches.

fiesta party decorMy personalized touches were place cards and favors. Although the friends we asked to be our bridesmaids and groomsmen received a special gift of their own, it was important to us to give everyone a small gift and token of our love and thank you for joining us. The ladies received a deliciously smelling soy candle that came in the most darling tin can and the men received a cigar they smoked shortly after dinner to celebrate.

fiesta party decorfiesta party decorI wanted the floral centerpieces to be chic and full of color. With Spring in full swing, I incorporated bright pink tulips with sherbet orange carnations that both peaked out from full blossoms of white and blue hydrangeas. Each arrangement, along with the votive candles, was in a beautiful renaissance style colored glass.

fiesta party decorfiesta party decorfiesta party decor fiesta party decor fiesta party decorAnd a friends fiesta, really any fiesta, could not be complete without a piñata or two. These cuties added a quirky touch!

I had so much fun planning and decorating, but Nathan and I had an even better time spending the evening with great friends. As always, if you have any questions about the decor or where I purchased anything, shoot me an email!

The Second Best Yes.

wedding dress

NOTE: the dress in the photo is not the dress I chose. Obvs.

I did it. I said the second best yes. A little time ago and in a whirlwind of a day, I said yes to the dress I will be marrying my best friend in ♥ While I can’t mention the details of the dress or my experience yet, I wanted to share a few little notes on my day and tips that could possibly help prepare you for the day you say your second best yes. I am sharing my advice not only based on my experience, but also inspired by the advice given to me by my wonderful bridal consultant.

Firstly, don’t be afraid to love every dress you try on. I’ll be honest, I am not the dewy-eyed type that brides are usually made of when it comes to dresses. My heart flutters for other aspects such as the little wedding day details that will symbolize Nathan and I, my first dance with my husband and choosing that perfect song, and the thought of walking towards the altar beside the first man I loved. The fact that I’ve been engaged for over two years and I just recently chose my wedding dress can attest for that. However, whether you are feverish about wedding dresses or not, don’t be afraid to love every dress you try one. I’ll make a bold statement and say falling in love with a dress isn’t the deciding factor. You may love every dress you try on or maybe a select few, but you will put on a dress that makes you feel like you. (I just unintentionally Dr.Seussed the heck out of that). The best way I can describe the moment is looking at yourself in the mirror and seeing the same you that you and your fiancé love, except the bridal version. That’s borderline confusing and lame, but it’s the best I can do 🙂 As I’m writing this, I’m reminded of the fact that while I went into this process sans the wedding dress cray-cray obsession, I left it feeling the indescribable worth of it all. It has nothing to do with the monetary value or the designer label-it has everything to do with every feeling you experience while wearing the dress.

Carrying on, I’ve seen many times on those wedding dress shows and in movies a bride-to-be having a total melt-down or bawling whether something good or something bad happens, but to my surprise I experienced neither of those. My experience was wonderfully calm, peaceful and of course full of love. After trying on x amount of dresses I actually stopped myself from continuing to bask in the bridal glory of just looking at myself in the mirror while standing in a wedding dress, because I knew that I had already tried on the dress I would be married in. That brings me to my second leaf of advice. It may feel utterly blissful to look at your bridal reflection wearing countless dresses, but don’t let it get the best of you, causing you to get overwhelmed and drown out the particular dress or dresses that resonated deeply with you. Also, don’t let yourself get caught in that “well I can’t have possibly tried on only x amount of dresses and already found the one.” It can happen. Let it happen.

My last tidbit is your crew. I think it is the tale as old as time, but I have to echo it. Keep your company small and precious to you. I have always known myself, what I want and what I am going to do–whole-heartedly and undoubtedly. That being said, I can still imagine how difficult it would have been to have one-too-many opinions floating around.

So that’s it for my mushiness! I have so many more absolutely incredible details that I am so excited to share with you…seriously, the day I picked my dress was a total whirlwind of a dream that I still have trouble believing happened. I have yet to come down from cloud nine. Obviously I have to stay hush-hush for now 😉

Please don’t hesitate to ask me any questions you may have right now, if I can help, I would love to. Email me ( comment here or ask me on social media (@kristaperez).

Wedding Shoes

wedding shoes

I am so excited to begin really diving into wedding content here on Sugar Love Chic. I have gotten so many questions on various wedding planning topics (keep them coming!) and I love being able to share any tips and advice I’ve learned from my experience as a bride-to-be thus far.

While cozy on my bed with my sidekick, I searched for high and low for amazing choices of footwear for the big day. From show-stopping stunners, to neutral and simple choices-and in all price ranges.

Let’s start with the statement stompers:

I love that all of these pack a punch, but can still be bridal.

Here are options for the understated bride:

These are simplistic choices that are feminine and chic.

Now for the bride looking for maximum comfort:

Comfortability does not have to sacrifice style with these wedding choices.

Lastly, here are some classic and girly styles:

These heels scream “I’m a bride” and could not be more feminine.

There you have it, a little bridal talk. Keep the questions and comments coming on what you would like for me to cover in wedding content!

The 101 on Wedding Magazines

One of the first things that comes to mind when thinking of “Wedding Planning” is magazines. They are usually the first bridal thing you’ll buy for yourself and the first bridal gift your friends/family will give to you.

As you can see from the photo, I’m a big fan of wedding magazines for a few reasons:

  1. Relaxing FUN. While the hustle and bustle of making important decisions and paying important checks can take a stressful toll on you, there is nothing like unwinding with a glass of rose in one hand and a wedding magazine in the other.
  2. Reading the love stories and wedding stories in these magazines will only get you that much more excited to celebrate your own love story! And you might shed a few tears here and there reading the mushy stuff..who doesn’t love a good cry? 😉
  3. Inspiration, inspiration, inspiration. Always have post its or a notebook at hand. The more wedding inspo you have, the easier a cohesive concept can be put together.
  4. Girlfriend time! Invite your girls over and whip out your magazine stash. Time will fly by with laughter (and some more wine) plus you’ll get different perspectives on themes and decorations from your friends!

My #1 tip for wedding magazines: SUBSCRIBE.

Not to all, but I would say at least 3 of your favorite wedding magazines. You won’t believe how quickly accumulating magazines here and there can add up. Wedding mags range from $5 to $20.

Another tip, bookstore dates. Go by yourself, with your groom-to-be and/or with your friends/family. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve found myself at a bookstore, knee-deep in wedding magazines and coffee….and happy as a clam! Bring a notebook or take photos of what inspires you on your phone. It’s a money saver!

Think you’ve seen all there is to see in a wedding magazine? Think again! There is always a fresh idea or perspective out there that can spark your own wedding must-have.

And you may be thinking, why not just stick to wedding websites? I obviously still visit wedding websites regularly, especially for decor ideas. However, magazines offer the absolute newest and noteworthy inspiration out there. Plus, it feels nice to take a break from a computer and actually read a tangible magazine 🙂

I’ll be back soon with more of my personal wedding planning experience!