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  • Sugar Love Chic Blogger Krista Perez shares 10 Floral Dresses You'll Live in This Spring

    10 Floral Dresses You’ll Live in This Spring

    While we know that wearing floral for Spring isn’t groundbreaking, who can help it? Nothing makes me feel more feminine and ready to take on a sunny Spring day than a floral…

  • Blogger Krista Perez from Sugar Love Chic styles forever21 denim vest for Spring

    How to Wear Lightweight Layers for Spring

     I love a layered look, but it’s not easy to pull off living in Miami’s warm weather pretty much year around. So I’ve always loved the idea of vests, especially denim…

  • Sugar Love Chic blogger Krista Perez shares her favorite Spring 2017 Sandal Trends

    Spring 2017 Sandal Trends

    It’s officially sandal season! I’m having to hold myself back from buying all of the cute new styles that are hitting the shelves. A good rule of thumb I use to…

  • Krista Perez from Sugar Love Chic styles Twill Lace-Up Top By Sadie Robertson X Wild Blue

    Spring Weekend Outfit with Neutral Colors

    Who’s excited for Spring?! My favorite seasons have always been Fall and Winter, but there is something that feels so refreshing about the start of Spring every year. I usually use the start…