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The Best Chic Backpacks

The Best Chic Backpacks


While I still love my comfortable cross-body bags, I have converted a bit to backpacks. Their convenience is undeniable and with brands making them so darn chic, they really do make the perfect everyday purse. Below you’ll find my runs of my favorites!

The Best Chic Backpacks

Style Roundup: Velvet Bootie Trend

Style Roundup: Velvet Bootie Trend

If there is one trend that is leading the pack right now, it’s the velvet bootie. There are always seasonal trends having their moment, and I’ll be honest-even as blogger, if I don’t absolutely love a trend, I’ll never wear it just for the sake.

However, this velvet bootie trend is one I can get on board with. I’m also one that doesn’t really believe in sticking to certain textures during particular seasons. In fact, I love switching up seasonally inspired looks with an unexpected pop of a season past. So I have a feeling I’ll be wearing this trend well into the new year.

Anyway, I love this velvet bootie trend so much I decided to look high and low to share with you guys my favorite styles out there!


Pom Pom Totes Roundup

Boho Embroidered Dress

The “it bag” of Summer is the pom pom tote, specifically a straw tote. While straw totes have stood the test of time as every girl’s perfect beach bag, they have definitely crossed over to being the perfect everyday Summer tote. With such cute pom poms, who wouldn’t want to wear it everyday?! Below I have rounded up below lots of wonderful options in all price ranges. I personally own this one, but I’m thinking about adding another one to my collection! I’m thinking this one.

Price Range: $33-$66

Price Range: $98-$112

Price Range: $115-$175


Loungewear & Pajamas

Loungewear & Pajamas Blogger Picks

Once I graduated from my princess and teddy bear pajamas, there was a gap in my life where what I wore to bed was a t shirt and sweatpants or leggings. It was easy and gave a second use to my older clothing. However, for the past few years I’ve found a new love for cute loungewear and pajama sets. It’s pretty easy to fall in love with pajamas printed with watermelons and polka dotted silk robs, am I right?

So, today I’ve rounded lots of adorable loungewear & pajamas picks perfect for everyday use and especially for traveling!

Under $30

Under $50

Under $100

Style Round Up: Casual Summer Sneakers

Casual Summer Sneakers

Bracelets: Pura Vida Sneakers: Converse Watch: Daniel Wellington

Along with shopping for new sandals, when Summer rolls in I love adding a few pairs of casual kicks to my closet. One of my favorite looks for the season are cute Summer dresses paired with sneakers-feminine, causal and functional!

I’ve linked up below a round up of casual sneakers I’m loving:

Under $60

How cute are those pineapple slip ons?


I love espadrille flats for Summer and Soludos makes the cutest ones with the most adorable little details! (1st and 5th option below)


I have my eye on those blue leather Nike Theas, so good!

Spring 2016 Must Have Sandals

Spring 2016 Must Have Sandals

I am thrilled to have put together this Spring 2016 Must Have Sandals roundup. I know when a new season comes along it’s pretty obvious what new trends came with it, but more times than not it’s a mission to find different options for each trend. So I’ve done it for you! From tassels to pom poms, here is what should grace your feet this Spring.

I am all about slide sandals, which up until about a month ago I just called them slip on sandals…whoops. Whether you pair them with a sundress or linen pants, they are the easiest thing to slide your toes into. They’e also perfect for the beach!


I’m sure you’ve been seeing tassels on everything this season, from handbags to apparel. However, my favorite piece they’ve been gracing are sandals. They’re so fun, but since tassels have been accessorizing shoes for decades, especially leather tassels, they give me classic vibes too.


Ok, how fun are pom poms? What once was reserved for kindergarten art and crafts is now on a plethora of different sandal styles. Pom pom sandals are little parties on your feet, I love it!

Pom Poms:

If Spring had an honorary shoe, it would be the espadrille. I love how versatile this shoe is, the style immediately adds a seasonal freshness to any outfit. Not to mention they’re so comfortable!


Although gladiator sandals are still in the race this Spring, lace ups have taken the lead. One of my favorite aspects of this style is that I can lace them up high when I’m wearing skirts and shorts, but can also lace them low, giving me the option to wear them with cropped jeans.

Lace Ups:

 I hope you enjoyed this Spring 2016 Must Have Sandals round up. I love doing these for you guys!

Let me know if there are other trends you’re interested in being rounded-up…errrr….don’t think that’s a term.  😉