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  • Sugar Love Chic Blogger Krista Perez shares a recipe for a Honey and Thyme Bourbon Cocktail perfect for St. Patrick's Day!

    Honey and Thyme Bourbon Cocktail

    This cocktail is so good. In fact it’s so good that even though I’m currently going through a serious Margarita phase, I shared one of these with my hubs this past Saturday. I…

  • Guava Orange Champagne Cocktail

    Guava Orange Champagne Cocktail

    It may still be Winter, but I just couldn’t wait to share this wonderfully refreshing Guava Orange Champagne Cocktail with you.…

  • Pear & Thyme Prossecco Holiday Cocktail

    Pear & Thyme Prossecco Holiday Cocktail

    Hello, my name is Krista and I’m a sparkling wine aficionado. I want it everyday, every way. By itself, or paired with delicious flavors like in today’s recipe. This Pear & Thyme…

  • Ginger Bee Cocktail

    Ginger Bee Cocktail

    There is no time like the holiday season to indulge in a spiced cocktail. I love whipping up these style of cocktails up for the hubby and I for a date-night in.…